President and CEO
President and CEO

Executive Management

James G. Hillenbrand,
President & Chief Executive Officer   

Thomas A. Penner,
Group President, Outdoor Cooking
Christopher S. Wisener,
Group President, Outdoor Living & Recreation
Pace M. Halter,
President, W.C. Bradley Co. Real Estate
Theresa A. Bargy,
Chief Information Officer
Donald R. Freeman,
Chief Legal Counsel
Audrey D. Hollingsworth,
Chief Human Resources Officer
Jeffrey E. Huffman,
Chief Financial Officer

Carl J. Watry,
Vice President, Investment and Tax
Christopher M. Ball

Board of Directors

Christopher M. Ball, Chair 
John H. Irby, Vice Chair
P. Butler Ball
William R. Blanchard
W. McKnight Brown
David A. Cooper
James G. Hillenbrand
Gilbert B. Miller
Cheri M. Phyfer
Richard A. Smith
John T. Turner
William B. Turner, III
John R. Wells