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The W.C. Bradley family of companies has a history of transforming and evolving to meet the ever-changing consumer needs and market conditions. The Values of Integrity and Stewardship have been the constant standards that have guided the company. Bound by this legacy and responsibility to act in the best interests of its team members, shareholders, customers, and community, the W.C. Bradley Co. has a successful track-record in product innovation and quality, offering home and leisure products that consumers can enjoy, trust, and believe in. 

The true sense of team has always been important to the culture of the W.C. Bradley Co. It is this team aspect — of individuals and companies coming together — which creates the synergy that drives the growth and success of the company. Today, the W.C. Bradley Co. consists of the following companies:

Char-Broil, based in Columbus, Georgia, is a manufacturer of charcoal, gas, and electric outdoor grills, smokers, fryers and related accessories. Char-Broil has been one of the most respected outdoor cooking companies since its founding in 1948. With a rich heritage inspired by innovation, the company sells Char-Broil® branded products throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East. More Char-Broil® gas grills are sold in the United States than any other brand, including those with Char-Broil®’s best-selling TRU-Infrared™ cooking system. Char-Broil is dedicated to helping the consumer have a superior outdoor cooking experience.

In addition to the Char-Broil® label, the company manages and manufactures a portfolio of outdoor cooking brands: Oklahoma Joe’s® smokers and SABER® grils. In 1998, Char-Broil® acquired the Oklahoma Joe’s® brand name with a product line of high-end smokers and accessories. In 2011, Saber Grills, LLC, was formed as a stand-alone entity which introduced SABER® grills, a line of premium grills sold through the independent outdoor retailer channel. Also in 2011, Char-Broil® acquired Kriswell A/S, beginning Char-Broil’s expansion into the international market. 

Lamplight, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, was acquired by the W.C. Bradley Co. in 1998 and has a rich heritage of innovation around the warm glow of a flickering flame. Beginning in 1964, Lamplight pioneered the development of an indoor lamp oil that was specially formulated to burn without smoke and odor. Lamplight expanded its line of indoor oil lamps and oil by illuminating yards with its outdoor torches and citronella fuel. To further build its position in the outdoor torch category, Lamplight acquired TIKI® Brand in 2001 and quickly started designing new TIKI® Brand products to appeal to a wide variety of people with different backyards, patios, and decks.

Today, Lamplight continues to enter exciting new territory with more stylish designs and innovative products like TIKI® Brand BiteFighter® Torch Fuel, which provides proven mosquito repellency, and TIKI® Brand Clean Burn™ Outdoor Tabletop Firepieces and Torch Fuel, which dramatically reduce soot and smoke. As long as there are outdoor gatherings, Lamplight will continue to invite family, friends, and neighbors to gather around the warm glow of its TIKI® Brand products.

W.C. Bradley Co. Real Estate has been the leader in real estate development in the Columbus, Georgia, area for 50+ years. In recent years, the Real Estate group has played a large role in the transformation of Uptown Columbus. Notable projects include the Synovus Centre building, Riverfront building, Starrett-Bytewise corporate offices, and  Eagle & Phenix Mills —a multi-use development located on 13 acres along the river in Uptown Columbus. This historic gem is now a modern community with residential loft condominiums, apartments, offices, and EPIC, a AAA 4-diamond-rated award-winning restaurant. Additional riverfront developments include Whitewater Express and 11th & Bay restaurant. In 2017, the Real Estate group announced its newest venture — The Rapids at Riverfront Place — a five-story mixed-use building which includes  226 luxury apartments and space for retail, shops, and a restaurant.  This $52 million development, the largest real estate project in the company’s history, opened in 2019.  The Rapids was designed around the creation of Mathews D. Swift Park, a large pedestrian-friendly park, and is part of a multi-year plan to further develop the W.C. Bradley Co.’s riverfront landholdings in Uptown Columbus, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama. 

W.C. Bradley Co. Real Estate, LLC, is a full-service brokerage providing property development, management, sales and leasing services.  Contact W.C. Bradley Co. Real Estate at 706-571-6059.

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